Moment of Solidarity

The recent outbreak of crime, violence and shootings in our neighborhoods, city and beyond have had many folks crying out “Fix It” while many are also asking “what can I do”. The police alone cannot solve the problems. There is something each individual can do…we can begin to rebuild our sense of community and neighborhood safety with small steps. The first step is acknowledging not only the existence of but the true value of our neighbors and our neighborhoods.

One idea Victoria Caprioni, a Greater East Side/District 2 resident and board member is working on is the creation of a “Moment of Solidarity”. On Monday, October 14 at 6pm, Caprioni asks all residents to step outside their front door, on to their boulevard, or sidewalk and shine a light…a candle, lighter or your phone will do. Do this for 1-5 minutes and see who else in on your block and is also out there. The next step is introducing yourself to your neighbor or if already introduced a simple hello or wave.

The hope is that this activity can occur on the second Monday of each month at 6pm while we, together think of ways to strengthen our neighborhoods. Caprioni admits, “this will not fix all our issues; to fix the problem we need a respectful dialogue on many issue. Let us start somewhere.”

For more information or to organize a “Moment of Solidarity” on your block, contact Victoria Caprioni at