Minutes from 10/16 Board Meeting

1. Called to Order at 7:00 p.m. by President Skytte.  Attendance: Adelsman, Caprioni, Claypool, Finazzo Doll, Gehrman, Hauwiller, Henderson, Jansen, Jones, Lijewski, Mangine, Morse, Prawdiuk, , Schleis, Skytte,.  Excused: Heaser, Odland, Romero & Stewart.

2.   Approval of Agenda – MSP

3.   Approval of Minutes of September Board of Directors meeting–MSP

4.   Approval of Financial Report – October 1, 2019 – MSP

            A. Approval of Budget with addition of staff mileage line item-MSP

5.  Board openings- Joan Ballanger volunteered to fill the position for 2nd quadrant. Motion to approve Joan Ballanger for 2nd quadrant-MSP

6. Executive Committee position opening- Motion to add Jeanette Jones to Executive Committee-MSP

7. Hillcrest Update-Community Advisory Committee report-Rachel Finazzo Doll will submit in writing and will be added to the Hillcrest website. (hillcrestupdates.org)

8. 1600 Clarence-parking pad in front yard- Motion to support the application with an addition of a clear delineation between the parking pad and the existing sidewalk (from boulevard to the house)-MSP (not unanimous)

9. Rush Line Update-Frank Alarcon-Ramsey County

10. Resolution to name Phalen Village Community Room in honor of Richard Kramer-MSP

11. Approval of new logo design-Motion to approve logo design-MSP

12. Neighborhood Concerns:  The November/December board meeting/holiday potluck will be Wed Dec 4 at NALC (1715 Van Dyke).


  1. Executive Director
  2. Program Director
  3. Community/Garden Organizer

14. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.