City Wants to Hear Your Opinion on Hillcrest Plan Drafts

The City and Port Authority hosted a public hearing on August 18 to address the 4 draft proposals resulting from the February public hearing. The drafts are available at the city’s website for review by following this link.

The city requests that you fill out the online survey to express your thoughts on the drafts also available through the link above. If you are unable to download the survey or link, contact Lisa at the District 2 office at and we can send you the pdf of the draft plans as well as connect you with the online survey. The deadline to complete is August 31. Following the 4 drafts will be merged and modified to create 2 drafts which will be released to the public in the Fall for further review.

The timeline, although still tentative, would hope to have remediation and “dirt moving” in 2021 and 2022 which construction of at least part of the site to begin in 2022. It is expected that the entire project would be complete in 2032.