Board Minutes from Feb 10, 2021

1. Called to Order at 7:00 p.m. by President Skytte; Attendance: present:, Adelsman, Ballanger, Christenson, Claypool, Fear,  Finazzo-Doll, Hauwiller,  Heaser, Henderson, Jansen, Mangine, Mayfield, Morse, & Skytte excused: Gehrman, Odland, Prawdiuk & Stewart.

2.   Approval of Agenda – MSP

3.   Approval of Minutes-MSP

4. Financial Report-will send out when bookkeeper supplies.  2021 Contract has been submitted to the city-hoping to begin reimbursements for Jan & Feb by end of March.

5.Cups & Cheers-Motion to support expansion into the vacant bay next door to create private dining/community meeting spaces-MSP.

6.  Kramer Community Room-Motion to accept the gift of the community room and courtyard (food truck space)-MSP

8. Neighborhood Updates: Finnazo-Doll asked board to review plans on City website and submit questions for the Community Advisory Council. Bill Dermody from the City will be at our March meeting.  Claypool brought up concerns ice/snow on roads. Staff gave an update on Chuck’s leave.

9.  Reports

  1. Int Executive Director
  2. Community/Garden Organizer

10. The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 pm