Greater East Side/District 2 Community Council Announces Results of Board Election

The Greater East Side/District 2 Community Council is pleased to announce the results of the 2021 Neighborhood Board Election.  The boundaries of the neighborhood are Larpenteur Avenue to the North, Minnehaha Ave to the South, the Bruce Vento Trail/Johnson Parkway to the West and McKnight Road to the East.  The neighborhood has over 32,000 residents.

The following residents were elected at the Annual Meeting of the Neighborhood on Wednesday, October 20:  Joan Ballanger, Ray Eberhard, Rachel Finazzo Doll, Jeanne Gehrman, Joshua Hansen-Connell, Ioannes Houmas, Stephanie Ann Henderson, Jean Jansen, Jeanette Jones, Mue Hsae Klue, Laura Krolord, DeLisa Shearod, Paul Skytte, Jamila Taylor, Tong Thao, Mong (Drew)Vang and Precious Williams.

They will join continuing board members: Kimberly Adelsman, Scott Christensen, Joselyn Fear, Sue Hauwiller, Megan Mayfield and Brenda Anderson-Moser.

The Board is made up of 20 quadrant seats and 3 “at large” members.  Officer elections will be held at the November board meeting on the 17th at 7pm (site to be determined).  Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month and all meetings are open to the public. The board is charged with creating and executing the 10 year neighborhood plan and provide recommendations to the city and county on land use and ordinances.  The board also works to improve the neighborhood and help make it a great community to live, work and play.