Renter Engagement

Renter Advisory Council & Renter Forum

The Greater East Side Community Council hosts a Renter Advisory Council (Renter Forum) every other month on the last Tuesday of the month. GESCC is supported in hosting this event by East Side Freedom Library‘s Housing Justice Program

During the warmer months, we have hosted renter cookouts. Stay tuned for more renter cookouts this upcoming spring and summer! 

Are you interested in dealing with ongoing renter issues, or just learning more about the history of housing and housing justice in the Twin Cities? Reach out to David Ackos ( or 651-328-3396) to help setup a community conversation for your building or neighborhood. 

Interested in the history of red lining, racial covenants, and the racial wealth gap and segregation of the twin cities? Watch the PBS documentary Jim Crow of the North (free and only 1 hour long) or reach out to help us set up a screening or talk to your East Side neighborhood group. 


Are you in need of legal assistance as a renter? Reach out to HOMELine at 612-728-5767 for English or

Other legal assistance available to renters includes